Pregnancy is an important stage in a woman’s life. So why not make it unforgettable?


Your baby’s story begins from the first month of pregnancy.  Allow your baby to see their first photos and to cherish a special keepsake.


Make an appointment to capture the beauty of your blossoming body during your pregnancy.


Any stretch marks can be removed if you wish, so that your stomach appears smoother.


The photos can be taken in the studio or outside weather permitting, whatever you wish.

On the arrival of your new baby, wouldn’t you like to capture all their precious moments with you?


Eucléia Photo will capture the serene and gentle moments with your baby.

It is recommended that you book a photo shoot before your baby is 15 days old, as they will still be sleeping a lot and will remain in the foetal position, which facilitates taking photos in different positions.

I use the technique ‘Newborn Posing’ where your newborn’s photo is taken in different situations. I own various props which allows me to create a warm, cosy environment.



Your baby has its own routine and I will be very flexible during the photo shoot. This could take up to 4 hours.



Eucleia Photo has baby changing facilities where you can feed and change your little angel.